Welcome to the Cricket Federation for People with Disabilities


Players are assessed and classified according to their disability

PD = Physically Disabled or LD = Learning Disabled or in some cases both (Please refer to the Managers & Coaches Guide)

The players are then categorised according to their level of disability

  • CC1 (Previously known as Zodiac) - for those with a high level of disability
  • CC2 (Previously known as Zenith) - for those with a medium level of disability
  • CC3 (Previously known as Zephyr) - for those with a low level of disability

This action was taken to ensure that those players with a higher level of disability would have equal opportunities to develop to skills and abilities. We believe that people with disabilities should benefit in the way that all sportspeople do, improving their self esteem having fun and the ‘looking forward’ to the next match.




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