Welcome to the Cricket Federation for People with Disabilities

CFPD Match Regulations


Use score sheets or scoring books as normal.

The C.F.P.D. have designed score sheets for beginners and we have also designed portable cheap score boards.


Pitch Length

CC1 (Zodiac) should play on a 18 yards pitch

CC2 (Zenith) should play on a 22 yards normal cricket pitch

CC3 (Zephyr) should play on a 22 yards normal cricket pitch

 Extra Considerations

  • We use extra markings to reduce the length of distance run by players in wheelchairs/on sticks etc.

  • Bowlers with very weak arms may also use these marked creases.

  • Any player disadvantaged in a team due to disability may request a runner.


Match Formats

The C.F.P.D. play limited overs crickets (20/20)

There are 2 versions of that format. They are;

  • Pairs (Usually played at the regional fixtures)
  • Standard Cricket (Played at the international fixtures)



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